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At Best Kickboxing Studios, we're dedicated to providing you with comprehensive evaluations of Chicago's top kickboxing studios. Our team spends countless hours researching and visiting facilities throughout the city, looking closely at aspects such as coaching quality, equipment, and class variety. We then distill this wealth of information into clear, concise rankings to help you make an informed decision about where to train. Our goal is to simplify your search process by serving as a reliable resource for all things kickboxing in Chicago. Our review process is rigorous, ensuring that our rankings are accurate and fair. We believe that everyone deserves access to exceptional kickboxing training, and our rankings reflect this belief by highlighting the studios that truly excel in their field. We encourage you to use our website as a guide to find the studio that best aligns with your fitness goals and personal preferences. Understanding that the fitness industry is dynamic, we regularly update our rankings. Every quarter, we review and adjust our rankings to reflect any changes or developments in the studios we cover. This process ensures that our site remains an up-to-date reference for you. In essence, our mission at Best Kickboxing Studios is to guide you towards the best training experience possible. We believe in the power and benefits of kickboxing, and our rankings are our contribution to promoting this dynamic sport in Chicago.


Instructor Expertise
Facility Quality
Class Variety
Student Progression
Community Engagement
Customer Satisfaction



Maintain a global or national footprint


A minimum of five years experience in kickboxing training


A minimum of 100 active members

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